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    “In The Gift of Time, Mike Vardy blends an engaging personal story with actionable advice on how to use our most valuable resource: Time. Mike's story is relatable, richly told, and he deploys it skillfully to help guide the reader to a mindset that will help them get what they're after. No matter what your skill level or aims, you can get something out of this book.”

    Mike Sturm

    Author of The Wabi-Sabi Way

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    I wrote The Gift of Time because I wanted to share my thoughts on the value of time and the relationship I’ve had with time over the years that has helped me define that value.

    No matter what time of year we’re at, it’s important for us all to improve our relationship with time because it can either be our greatest ally or a terrible enemy.

    This short book offers some insights and strategies fostered and develop over the years and hopefully it will help you strengthen your relationship with time so that you can move forward with more confidence, focus, and resolve.