The Pen is Mighty


I stumbled upon a post by C.C. Chapman that was written entirely in pen, I was curious. Not only was it a great piece, but it was part of Pilot Pen’s initiative called The Power to the Pen! and I became even more curious.
I’ve been a fan of Pilot pens for a while, having reviewed one of their instruments a while back and getting my hands on a Coleto not too long ago. in fact, the only brand of pens that are in my jar on my standing desk have the word “Pilot” emblazoned on them somewhere (I do keep my precious Kuru Toga pencil in there as well). I’ll disclose now that I didn’t receive any pens from Pilot to do this (nor have I ever received any from Pilot directly at this point), but based on my love for pen and paper I’d take a stab at adding my own contribution to the cause.

(And I get to give my right hand a break for the day as result, which is a bonus right now.)

So here’s where I get to #ThinkInInk. Enjoy!

1 If you want to know about what I said about The Power of Paper, here are my notes from that talk.

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