So I’ve been using paper for outlining, mapping out my day and for on-the-go capturing. It has been helping me keep things moving as I continue my shift from OmniFocus to Asana1, and I’m having a lot of fun using paper again. There’s just something about it. Heck, I know i’m going to keep using it in some form or another.

But there’s been something missing. Actually, to be more specific, there been to much of something. That would be the amount of pens I use in order to keep things clearly separated on paper.

I have a Pilot Hi-Tec C that is my go-to pen, my Kuru Toga for pencilling in the “fluid” tasks and ideas, a double-sided highlighter to help indicate whether a task has been done or has been deferred and a blue pen to separate housework from, well, “work-work” so that I can glance and go.

When I used to use this kind of system, I abandoned it because I thought the system was a problem. But I have come to realize it was the sheer amount of tools that the system required that led to its abandonment. When I used this system back in my school days, I had one of those Bic multi-pens. I had one pen that handled it all, and that was crucial considering there were no viable digital alternatives back then.

Even now, when I could use Asana and/or OmniFocus (or the numerous others out there) to manage my day at a glance, I do like the idea of a paper being in front of me – connecting me to the tasks – but I don’t like having to cart around 4-5 writing utensils to make it work for me.

Then I listened to the episode of The Pen Addict called “Multi-Pen, Multi-Tasking” over at 70Decibels.

Host Brad Dowdy offered up a slew of more appealing multi-pen options during the show, and by the end of it I had ordered the following2:

I’m chomping at the bit to get this order so I can see if my longing for a quality multi-pen will make the use of paper even more enjoyable than it already is.

Photo credit: Melanie Cook (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

1 Yep, it’s still a work in progress.
2 Why the ScoutBooks notebook? It put me over the top for a shipping discount, that’s why. Plus, it’ll be a cool gift for my daughter.


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