Exit Vardy.me. Enter Productivityist.com!

There will be no posts going up at Vardy.me for the next few days, and it’s not because I don’t have the time. It’s because the blog is going to be going through the final phases of its redesign next week, including a move over to WebFaction for hosting. So in order to make the move as seamless as possible, I’m putting the blog on hiatus until next Thursday.
But that’s not the big news regarding the weblog. Vardy.me won’t just be getting a redeisgn…it’s going to be getting an overhaul. In fact, as of Thursday November 15, 2012 Vardy.me won’t exist anymore.

I’m changing the name of my weblog to something that I feel will offer a better opportunity to reach more readers and yet still retain a great deal of Vardy.me’s personality. Considering that the focus of the weblog has been largely around productivity – in all of its various forms – I’ve decided to shift the name of the site to fit the focus a bit more.

Exit Vardy.me. Enter Productivityist.com.

I don’t want to go into too much detail in this post as to what the new look and name will bring – I’ll save that for next week. But what I will offer is that you can expect to see more in-depth reviews and tactical appraoches to the using of both new and existing tools on a more frequent basis. Apps like:

…as well as stalwarts like:

…and more will all get some treatment at Productivityist.com.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Since I’m no longer with Lifehack and am working primarily on my own stuff (like the new Ready Retreat workshops, for example), Productivityist.com will also feature more guest posts than Vardy.me did and will also see a regular posting schedule from articles written by yours truly.

I’m really excited about what’s to come and I can’t wait to show everyone.

But I will.

Before I close out the last post on Vardy.me in its current iteration, I’d like to point you over to the latest Mikes on Mics episode, where Schechter gets to fulfill another dream interview as we talk to Marina Arnaout of Steam Whistle Brewing (the brewery that makes his favourite pilsner). We talk about all that goes into the making of Steam Whistle, with a focus on company culture and the kind of stuff you’d expect from our nearly one-year old podcast.

I’m not going offline everywhere for a week – just on my own weblog. I’ll be on Twitter, App.net, and other social networks (as per usual), and while you wait to see the new look of the blog you can check out the new look of my website, MikeVardy.com.

Thanks for reading Vardy.me. I’ll see you next Thursday at Productivityist.com.

Photo credit: Tharrin (CC BY 2.0)


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    Can’t wait for the new site! And hopefully the retreats would soon be in webinar form too so others could access it from the other side of the globe ;)

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