Happy New Year: A Giveaway to Start 2012

To get you started in making 2012 a great year, I'm giving away the following: An audio prize package featuring the audio version of Craig and Jason Womack's The Promise Doctrine and a pair of Andrea SuperBeam headphones (along with an adapter for mobile use). A reading prize pack consisting of a copy of Timothy Ferriss's The Four-Hour Work Week and a copy of David Siteman Garland's Smarter, Faster, Cheaper. A reading prize… Continue reading

2012: My Year in Preview

While I dropped some knowledge (yep, I went there) on how my 2011 treated me yesterday, I got to thinking that it would be a neat idea to propose how the coming year is going to go for me. I… Continue reading

2011: My Year in Review

In Short 2011 has been pretty good to me. In Long Here are some of the things that went down in my life during the past year: Completed my first full year as an independent writer - a professional one… Continue reading

Decluttering iStuff: Calendars

I’m at the time of year where I begin to map out the coming year – not with mind mapping apps1, but on my various calendars. My family routinely receives/orders a wall calendar that has photos of our closest relatives… Continue reading

The 2011 Persons of Internet

It's been a tremendous year for me, which I'll get to later this week. But I'm not the only one who's had a great 2011. To be fair, I'm speaking from my perspective on their year -- and it's my… Continue reading

How Technology Encourages Excess

Today is Boxing Day in Canada, which has essentially become our country’s equivalent of the USA's Black Friday. Bargains can be had virtually everywhere, with stores packed with people looking to catch a price break on any number of things.… Continue reading

All I Want

There’s not much that I need or even want in the way of material things. I’m pretty happy with all I’ve got now and the last year has brought me so much that Christmas just seems like a bonus for… Continue reading

On Enough: How Bare is My Air?

I was asked to be a guest on Enough: The Minimal Mac Podcast -- one of my favourites -- with Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley this week, and it was an honour and privilege to oblige. I’ve been a big… Continue reading

On Love

On a day like today where both kids are home, my wife came home from work early to help out and I had a rewarding day of great work, I'll simply state the following: Love my kids. Love my wife.… Continue reading