The New PlayStation 3 Advertisement (Parody)

Sony has always been good at coming up with great advertisements for its PlayStation 3 (perhaps not so good at security, though). I'm betting they don't run with this one. It's kinda NSFW. via rickymachinima.1 1 Kudos to Matthew Panzarino for spotting this. Continue reading

Release the Cranking

On Friday, I was ready to start cranking out an article for today, but hadn't written a word of it before hitting the RSS feed reader. As I was going through my feeds, I decided I wasn't cranking out anything… Continue reading

Better Off TED

TED Talks are the best "infotainment" out there. Period. If you haven't seen any of these videos from the popular TED conferences, then you're missing out. The TED movement has beomce so vast that it has led to spin-off events… Continue reading

Doing the Right Part

I wouldn't normally suggest this, but you should skip the first part of the next sentence. There are things I have to do that need to get done, and there are things I need to do that have to get… Continue reading

Rdio is the Netflix of Music

I just started using Rdio...and I really like it. Really, really like it. When Adam King and I connected on it by following each other, he had this to say to me via Twitter: "I've said it before: Rdio is… Continue reading

My Next Gig

This post is late for a reason. My next gig took precedence today while I start to figure out a new workflow strategy. What is my next gig, you ask? My next gig: Canada + Apps Editor at The Next… Continue reading

Struggling vs. Smuggling

Patrick Rhone is not a guru. To be clear, I'm not saying that because I don't think he is; I'm saying it because he doesn't think he is. I'm not here to argue either way (it'd be senseless struggling, really),… Continue reading

Merlin, The X Factor and Evernote

I'm a bit late to the game on this one, but Merlin Mann was a guest on a recent episode of the Mac Power Users podcast. This was his second appearance on the podcast; it easily could have been made… Continue reading

Carrying On: Why Airlines Have Got It Wrong

During my recent travels, my beliefs on traveler's luggage didn't waver. I've held these beliefs for quite some time now, and my latest trip only solidified them further. My belief is as follows: Carry-on luggage that is larger than an… Continue reading