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Our Focus is on Shifting Your Mindset So You Can Get More of the Right Things Done


If you’ve been looking to leverage your time so that you can focus more on the tasks you need to do, ought to do, and want to do, then Productivityist can help you do just that. Through practical and tactical tips, tools, and insights, Productivityist is a valuable resource in your quest to stop “doing” productive and start “being” productive.

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Success Stories

“Few people cut through ‘overthinking’ a problem like Mike Vardy does. He asks the right questions, which leads to clearer thinking, more informed decisions, more precise actions, and better work and outcomes.”

Erik Fisher

Author and Host of the Beyond The To Do List podcast

Mike Vardy’s focus on productivity means that you get the most out of your uptime, working on high priority tasks. For me, it’s meant guilt-free downtime.”

Chris Johnson

Managing Partner at Simplifilm

Mike has been a great coach and asset for my organization skills. One of the most important elements he’s helped me with is identifying how much I can actually improve in this arena. From the overall framework to the nitty-gritty steps in each process, he’s been a great partner in this work.”

Martin Ditto

CEO of Ditto LLC

“There are a lot of great thinkers writing, speaking, and creating content around being productive but I love how Mike Vardy’s ideas don’t come from a guru or a wizard. He has honest, implemented tactics and advice and most importantly he’s continually refining his craft and trying new techniques.”

John C. Meyer

CEO of Lemonly